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The South Eastern Coastal State of India, religiously important is very well-known as land for temples, tribes and textiles. But it offers every thing to all different type of tourist, nature lovers, Photographers and anthropologist. The temple cities of Bhubaneswar with hundred of ancients temples of under Kalingan style architecture, Famous Religious centre Puri for Lord Jagannath Temple, World Heritage Site Sun Temple of Konark, and Primitive & Colorful tribes makes Orissa a destination for all kind of visitors. Orissa is a House for handicrafts and Handloom (textiles) like Palm Leaf itching Works, Tassar painting, Applique Works, Dhokra Metal Casting, Bell metal works, Horns Works, Wooden Works, paper Masks with textiles like Ekat process for the people who like traditional works of a place. Orissa classical Dance like Oddissi, Folkdances of different places of Orissa, Tribal Dances and unique among the dances of India. As per the interest Orissa tour plan can b divided in to many types like Orissa Temple & Monument Tour, Orissa Tribal Tour, Orissa Cultural Tour ,Orissa Buddhism Tour ,Orissa Wildlife Tour, Bhitarkanika Nature and wildlife Tour, Orissa Spiritual Tour, Orissa Festival Tour and many more kind.

Tours to Orissa gives a complete experience when somebody explore all different part of Orissa .Tours to a destination always need proper planning .When somebody planning a tour to Orissa he can choose special interest tour or he can also take common Orissa tour basing on number days he has to spend in Orissa. To take a common Orissa Tour, it is always advisable collect proper travel information about Orissa tour and takes customized tour or tailor-made tour which can be enjoyed for every thing in better way in genuine cost.

Tours to Orissa now becoming more and more popular basing on Orissa Tribal Tour to explore the tribal culture of primitive and colorful tribes of Orissa. Orisa has 62 tribal communities .Basing upon their special lifestyle and culture most important and worth of visiting are Bhumia, Bhunjia,Bhatra , Birhor, Bondo (The most primitive and colorful tribes of Orissa),Dharua or Dhuruba, Didayi, Gond,Ho,Juang,Kharia, Kandh or Kondh ( Desia Kondh,Kutia kondh,Dongariya Kondh, Kubhi Kondh )Paroja and Saura or Sabara. To know more about any type of Orissa Tour or Orissa Tribal Tour, kindly visit the Website: the site of ACE Expedition of India Tours & Travels, The leading and highly experienced Tour Operator of Orissa for designing tour for the visitors who like to visit Orissa.


Orissa Tour

Orissa is a state of the Indian Union located in the eastern coast of the peninsula. Its territory formed a part of the ancient Kingdom Kalinga of Mahabharata (The Great epic of Hindus) fame. Ashoka, the Mauryan King of Magadha, invaded Kalinga in 261 B .C and this event has gone down history as the Kalinga War, causing a greater change in the heart of Ashoka, than in his empire. This was last war fought by him after which he became a great champion of Buddhism and upheld the values of peace and non violence. In its long history spanning more than just present millennium, the region of modern Orissa was known by different names at different points of time-Kalingam, Utkal, Kangoda and Odr-desha. This Orissa boasts a distinctive and rich cultural heritage.

One of the few states in India which still largely undiscovered by tourists, Orissa offers a multidimensional experience to the visitor spanning rich architectural monuments, a golden coastline, Tribal culture, wildlife and art & craft. Orissa Tour or visiting Orissa as an unexplored destination becoming more and more popular, as it has every thing to give a Tourist and culture lovers. Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa is known as Temple city with hundreds of beautiful temples with architecture of Kalinga School flourished from 7th to 13th century A D. Temples like Parasurameswar Temple (7th century A D), Mukteswar Temple (9th century A D),Rajarani Temple (11th Century A D),Bhrameswar Temple (11th Century ),Vaital Temple (9th Cen A D ) and famous Lingaraj Temple of 11th Cen A D are really unique in Kalingan style Temple of Orissa. Ancient Jain Caves of 2nd century B C at Udaygiri & Khnadagiri of Bhubaneswar says about the King Kharavela , a great conqueror and patron of Jainism. Puri is situated on the eastern coast of Orissa is famous as important religious centre for Lord Jagannath Temple of 12th Century A D and Konark is world Famous for World Heritage site Sun Temple as chariot with 13th Century architectural marvel.

Orissa Tour for Temple and Monument is incomplete without visiting Buddhist of Orissa, three Buddhist archeological sites like lalitgiri, Ratnagiri, Udaygiri and Lagudi which were Buddhists monasteries from 4th to 14th Century A D. Visiting Orissa Tribes like Kondh, Bonda,Gadaba,Paroja,Dhuruba,Juanga and Menkedia and their Lifestyle are one of the most popular part of Orissa Tour. Orissa Textile (Ekat) is also worth of visiting. National Park like Bhitarkanika, Similpal and Wildlife sanctuary like Tikarpara are paradise for nature and wildlife.

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Orissa Tribal Tours

Of all the states of India, Orissa has the largest number tribes, as many as 62.Altogether they constitute an impressive 23% of the total population of Orissa. These tribes mainly inhabit the Eastern Ghats hill range which runs in the north south direction. More than half of their population is concentrated in three districts like Phulbani,Kandhmal,Rayagada and Koraput. Economy of Orissa Tribes is subsistence oriented. It is based on food gathering, hunting, fishing, revolves around forests. Even the larger tribes like the santal,Munda,Oran and Gond who are settled agriculturist often supplement their economy with hunting and gathering.Many tribes for instance,Juang,Bhuiyan,Saura,Dharua,Kondh & Bondo practice what is called shifting cultivation, also known as slash and burn. They select a plot of a land, generally on a mountain slope, slash down all the trees and bushes and burn them to ashes. There are cattle breeders among the tribes, notably the Koya. There are simple artisans too like the Mohali and Loharas, who practice crafts of basket weaving and tool making.

Orissa Tribal Villages manages its internal affair very smoothly through two institutions –the village council of elders a youth dormitory. The core of tribal culture, the youth dormitory is the largest hut in the village. It has only three walls profusely decorated with symbols representing animals. Despite their poverty and ongoing battle for survival, the tribes of Orissa have retained their rich and colorful heritage of dance and music. Tribes of Orissa observe a string of festivals. Some are closed affairs relating to birth or death within the family or daughter attaining puberty. Others relate to the sowing or harvest time and thus involve the entire community. Mostly a festival is an occasion for a good swing of Mahua liquor, a game animal, roasted on the spit and a night of song and dance and revelry. In many occasion Tribes of Orissa also do the animal sacrifice. Kondh Tribe sacrifices water buffalo to offer to the god of earth before sowing the seed in the field.

Life of Orissa Tribes is really interesting to see and enjoy their culture. So Orissa Tribal Tours or tours to visit Orissa Tribal Villages, their weekly Tribal market, their music and dance is becoming more and more attractive for tourist, photographers and research personnel .Orissa Tribal Tours becomes more and more interesting when it is added to visit Tribes of Chhattisgarh like Muria and Maria.

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Tours to Orissa

Orissa is a province of India full of natural beauty, architectural brilliance and cultural heritage. One of the most beautiful states of India, it is situated on the coast along the mighty Bay of Bengal. Right from the gushing rivers to picturesque beaches to the sanctuaries boasting of a rich wildlife, this state has it all. The historic monuments of Orissa tell the tale of the advanced architecture of the earlier times as well as the rich past, which has made the state what it is today. People come to Orissa on tour packages, from various corners of the world, to witness its pristine glory. In this article, we have provided information on tours to Orissa.

Orissa is nestled cozily in the south eastern part of India and is historically significant with a backdrop of over several centuries to boast of. It is also known as ‘Odisha’ and houses in its midst, several tourist attractions including the world famous and world heritage site, the Sun temple, one of the impotant religious centre of india,Lord Jagannath Temple of Puri, the Lingaraja temple of Bhubaneswar and most importantly the Famous Rock Edits of Ashoka. Owing to its religious significance, Orissa plays host to millions of tourists and devotees every year who come here to pay tributes in the age-old temples and shrines housed here and to see beautiful special architectural design and craving of Orissa Temples. Orissa tours are one of the important travel options in the country that visitors opt for, especially the ones interested in Indian cultural heritage. Visit primitive and colorful tribes of Orissa is now a days the most popular attraction to see the tribal life and their culture in southern and northern part of Orissa, Orissa is the house of highest Tribal Population of India with their special housing ,costume, ornamentation, music & dance and with their fairs & festivals which are really worth of visiting. Bhitarkanika National Park, Similpal National park and Tikarpara sanctuary are not only famous for their wildlife, but also paradise of nature. Chilika is the largest brackish water lake of Asia and also centre for Nature Lover. Orissa textile design or Orissa Ekat is also really fantastic to visit the Orissa weaver’s life and activity.

Tourists on Orissa tours can feast on the numerous fairs and festivals that are celebrated throughout the year. As a norm, the state witnesses the participation of tourists and natives in grand numbers. One of the prominent festivals to name here is the Rath Yatra (Car Fesival) that is organized in Puri. Primarily a Hindu festival, Rath Yatra is the annual festival held to commemorate lord Jagannath’s visit to his brith place. Lord Jagannath, it is believed, visits his birth place, once every year accompanied by his elder brother Balarama and his sister Subhadra. Observed mostly during the months of June – July, Rath Yatra also marks the yearly homecoming of natives settled abroad. The deities in each chariot are spectacularly decorated at their traditional best and devotees gather here, to take a glance of the deities. Even a glance, it is believed, helps them to attain salvation. The swarm of devotes that gathered in the main temple complex pull the chariots to the nearby Gundicha temple, where the deities remain for the next 8 days, following which they will return to the main temple complex. Besides Car Festival of Lord Jagannth, other interesting and colorful festival are Mahima Sadhu Mela (Mahima Festival) of Joranda,Magha Saptami at Chandra bhaga,Khandairi Sadhu Festival,Durga Puja at Cuttack & Bhuabneswar,Laxmi Puja at Dhenkanal & Nabapatna (Jagatsinghpur),Boita Bandana of Kartika Purnima at Paradip and Chilika Lake,Baliyatra, Mahashiva Ratri in Siva Temple of Bhubaneswar and other places of Orissa and Dola Yatra are worth of watching and enjoying Orissa Culture.

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Travel to Orissa – A journey worth reckoning

Orissa or the recent day Odisha is one of the finest destinations on the world atlas for its scenic wonders, beautiful landscapes, ethnic cultures and profound coastlines with some of the most famous beaches. Its well said that with every passage of a mile, the language, the culture and the clothing changes in Orissa. With such diverse culture and people a travel to Orissa is worth reckoning for any person from India or from a foreign land.

Orissa is a land of multi-variety from travel perspective. You can find well civilized and modern ambience at the capital city and at some of the most famous industrial belts. You can witness the cultural extravaganza with monumental heritage spread across the region. You can also witness some of the most ethnic tribes still living wide away from the modern day civilization in the deepest forests and hills. Such diversity is hardly can be found in any other state of India apart from Chattishgarh.

Travel to Orissa is quite possible for a traveler from any corner of the world as this state is well connected with the modern amenities of travel. The state capital Bhubaneswar is well connected with international standard Airport. The train and bus connectivity is also well organized to almost all parts of Orissa with the initiative of the government of Orissa as well as the private tour operators. You can get to the state information centre where you can receive appropriate and accurate information regarding the travel destinations around this state and can receive apposite guidance for a comfortable travel option.

You can also avail the services of the state owned travel and tourism corporation. There are numerous tour operators available online who can also offer you refreshing tours to Orissa with much comfort and planning. You can not only witness some of the finest stays in Orissa, but also can be a part of this historic culture and the natural scenic wonders. Touring in Orissa is often associated with the world famous Jagannath Temple in Puri, the largest saltwater lake of Chilka and the UNESCO world heritage, Black Pagoda, the famous Sun Temple of Konark. With every traveling option you can also take tribal tours to Orissa to witness the some of the most ethnic tribes like Bonda and Kutia Kondh.

Whether you are taking a single day tour or a month long one, Orissa has so much profusion of visiting places that you will be always remain unsatisfied with your stay for the short term. As much time you spend in Orissa, you will better understand the culture and tradition of this wonderful destination and will always cherish the memories of tours to Orissa. You can also witness the sweetest forms of music and dance with “Odishi Dance” and at the same time you can also witness some of the most ethnic dance forms like “Sambalpuri”, “Ghumura”, “Chau” and many other tribal dance forms. Indeed you will experience the heaven in Orissa with your every Travel to Orissa.

Travel Agents of Orissa

With the growth and development of Brahmanical religions in Orissa, number of temples grew throughout the land .The Temples of Orissa dated from 6th to 14th century A D, provide a study in one of the earliest movements in the Indo-Aryan Style of architecture. In Bhubaneswar, several sanctuaries were erected so that taken together they form a city of temples. Among 600 hundred ancient Temple, most important and outstanding temples are great Lingaraj Temple of 11th century A D, small but gem of Orissan Architecture Mukteswar Temple of middle of 9th Century A D, Rajarani Temple of 11th century A D,Bhramheswar Temple of 11th century A D, Vaital Temple of 9th Century and extra ordinary shaped Temple 64 Yogini Temple of Heerapur viilage just by the side of Bhubaneswar. .No Doubt Sun Temple of Konark, which is a World Heritage Site, is perhaps the most remarkable of all the great Hindu Temple of Eastern India. Al these temples have a typical and special architectural style called Kalingan style of Temple architecture.

Like this Temples available all over Orissa like on bank of Prachi River construced between 10th to 14th Century, Temples at Banapur and Temples in Sonpur are also with beautiful Carvings which are really a great attraction for the visitor, Photographers, writers, students and for common people. So gradually this Orissa Temple Tours are becoming more and more popular. Temples are always a great source for knowledge about the history and culture of a particular place where it is located also influence of other culture. It is said that each and every activity of human life has been carved on the wall of the Sun Temple of Konark which is a World Heritage Site. Many Historians has told that Konark is the place where stone sings song of art and this is the place where language of men is defeated by language of stone.

So when more and more people are now interested to visit these beautiful temples of Orissa, Orissa Temples Tours are designed by some Special Travel Agents of Orissa. Among these Travel Agents of Orissa most important is ACE Expedition India Tours & Travels at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Orissa. It designs Special tours to visit Temples of different place of Orissa Like Temple at Bhubaneswar, Puri, Konark,Parchi River side Area, Cuttack Banapur, Ganjam, Sonpur, Samabalpur, Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj. It organizes different type of tours like tours for culture lover Tourist, Photographers, Pilgrimage Tours and for University Students and Professors. All Travel Agents of Orissa normally operate Orissa Temple Tours. But as Specialized Tour Operator to see Temple of Orissa and India, ACE Expedition India Tours & Travels is very much special and well known using knowledgeable staff for designing itinerary and eminent personal as tour guide to give elaborate description on Temples of Orissa.

Orissa Village Tours

Orissa is the land of Villages. A major portion of Orissa’s total population resides in the villages. Villages of Orissa are endowed with natural beauty with virgin beaches, serpentine rivers, rich wildlife, etc. The villages of Orissa are rich in tradition and cultural heritage and the villagers celebrate several colorful festivals and occasions throughout the year. All the Villagers of different Villages are very friendly to each other. One will be very much happy and feel very special when he will see the lifestyle of Villages of Orissa. One can enjoy the charm of lush green and fertile plains in the villages, most of which are surrounded by palm, coconut trees and mango groves in Orissa. Most of the Villages we normally find mostly Hindu people including Vaishnavs, Saivas and Saktas besides, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists,, Christians. Besides these religions we also find the new cult of Hundusim like Mahima and Natha also. Religious activities of all these cults are really enchanting .It may be Indian Visitor or Overseas Visitor ,who once see all these fairs & festivals ,occasions and

It becomes a lifetime memory. Housing Plans of the Villages of Orissa with natural thatched houses are also very interesting. In different festivals and occasions walls of the houses are decorated with different painting with different natural powers like rice powder, Lintel powders, Powder prepared from leaves, stones, Turmeric and Vegetable .Their wonderful scenic beauty and local culture of the people attracts several tourists from all over world every year.. To have an Orissa Village Tours. In this type of tour, Tourist, photographers and writers can enjoy and gather knowledge on Villages of Orissa.

Orissa with Villages of different religious beliefs the predominant religious community in the villages is the Hindus. The villages of Orissa have one of the highest Hindu populations among all villages in India. The castes like Brahmins, Karans, Kshatriyas, etc. are the major Hindu castes in Orissa. Apart from the Hindus, the other major religious communities include the Muslims, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Vaishnavs, Saivas, Christians, etc. When 23 % of total population of Orissa is belongs to different primitive Tribes, as far as their religion, they are absolutely animist. Most of the Tribal Communities stay in the hilly and forest area. Any we we find some of tribal people also reside in the common villages of Orissa; Most of the tribal communities live in the villages located in the three districts of Koraput (undivided), Sundergarh and Mayurbhanj. The major tribes in Orissa include Santal, Munda, Oram, Gond, Juanga, Bhuiyan, Saora, Dharua, Bonda,Kondh Koya, Mohali, Lohara, etc.

The principal language spoken in the villages of Orissa is Oriya. The language is closely related to Assamese and Bengali .The most common linguistic variations of Oriya include Baleswari (Balasore), Bhatri (Koraput), Laria (Sambalpur), Sambalpuri, Ganjami, Chhattisgarhi, Medinipuri, etc. Oriya is also the official language of the state. Apart from Oriya, the other languages spoken in the villages of Orissa include Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati, etc. All different Tribal communities have their own dialect.

The principal source of occupation in the villages of Orissa is agriculture. Like most villages in other parts of India, a majority of the rural population in Orissa is dependent on agriculture to earn their livelihoods. The villages of Orissa are one of the largest producers of rice in India and they contribute to almost one tenth of the total rice production of the country. Apart from rice, the other major crops cultivated in the villages of Orissa include jute, oil seeds, pulses, coconut, sugarcane, tea, rubber, cotton, gram, mustard, maize, sesame, ragi, potato, soybean, etc. All these agricultural activities are still in traditional method which also very interesting to things to visit in the Orissa Villages. Many people in the villages of Orissa are also engaged in non-agricultural activities like art and crafts of Orissa. Village tour becomes more and more interesting when somebody see the different traditional activities related agriculture and non agricultural activities like making different handicrafts and handloom like Patta Chitra, Palm Leave engraving, Brass Metal Works (Lost wax processing) Stone Carving, Silver Filigree, Cane Works, Bamboo Works, Terracotta Sand Art, Metal Work, and making Puppets and Masks etc.

The villages of Orissa have a rich tradition of art and cultural activities. The rural people celebrate various fairs and festivals throughout the year with pomp and cheerfulness. The festivals have always been a part and parcel of village life in Orissa. The villagers celebrate all the popular festivals like Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, etc. Apart from these, there are also some regional and local festivals. The Ratha Yatra is the principal festival in Orissa. Apart from Ratha Yatra, the other major festivals include Dhanu Yatra, Magha Saptami, Makar Sankranti, Magha Sapthami, Kumar Purnima, Dipavali Amavasya, Sri Nrusingha Chatturdashi, Janmashtami, Kartika Purnima, Navaratri, Sri Vinayak Chaturthi/ Ganesh Chaturthi, Rakhi Purnima, etc.
Visiting all these colorful festivals are really interesting part of Orissa Village Tour. Another interesting attraction for of Orissa Village tour is Orissa Traditional dances like Oddissi ,Gotipua,Samablpuri,Ghumra and Other Traditional entertainment activities like Palla ,Daskahia,Dhudki Nacha,Paika Nacha,Nritya Natika. Traditional music like Balipuja Geeta, Kendra Geeta, Jaiphula Geeta, Bhajan, Sariman, Champu, Malasri, Vyanjani, Chaturang are also makes more interesting to visit Orissa Villages.

To visit Orissa Villages “ACE Expedition India Tours and Travels” Organize special Village Tour in Orissa like Orissa Ethnic Charm Tour, Rural Orissa Tour, Orissa Village-Cultural Life Tour and Orissa handloom & handicraft Tour to give the visitors the real cultural tastes of Village of Orissa.